This adventure trip will allow you to be in close contact with nature, discovering places that are not always easily accessible and above all the desire to import a new concept of sport "the Adventure Bike Packing", where you do not compete against an opponent but only against themselves themselves.

The Kingdom of Naples Bike Packing is a single stage, which means that the clock starts at the beginning of the path and stops only upon arrival.

The Kingdom of Naples Bike Packing does not have a time limit.

Each participant will have greater freedom in planning the route, however, being obliged to follow faithfully the track that will be provided.


The Kingdom of Naples Bike Packing will develop on dirt roads, bicycle roads, paved roads in poor mileage and CAI, it will pass through places rich in history and landscapes that will surprise.


On the Road

Here are some landscapes that you will encounter on your path.


Our team is formed by Bikers and Cicloesploratori

Salvatore Prisco

Salvatore Prisco


Biker e Cicloesploratore

    Salvatore Granato

    Salvatore Granato

    Network System Admin

    Curious, tech-geeck and gets serious when it comes to work.

    Gaetano Iovino

    Gaetano Iovino


    Ideatore del viaggio e Cicloesploratore


    Main Supporters

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