The Project THE KINGDOM OF NAPLES Packing Bike
is a bicycle cultural nature trail that want to show to all those who will participate in Italian
and foreign that Campania has regional parks, wildlife sanctuaries and immersed
in an ancient and historic cultural context unique.
An unprecedented adventure in total autonomy and without any kind of an adventure, a challenge support against themselves.
There is no ranking and no prizes.

The collective departure will be June 2, 2017 by the Vesuvius National Park. Wonderful place for its beauty, where you can admire the majesty of the most active volcano in Europe and the biosphere reserve of the Vesuvius National Park.

The opportunities for our region

The cycling, is a tourism sector in Italy to be sluggish due to lack of cycleways passable safely, but it has two aspects the unbeatable climate and variety of unique landscapes in the world. I believe that with the help of ordinary citizens fans, Pro Loco, Companies for territorial development and private business can take off with such initiatives: The Kingdom of Naples Bike Packing